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      U ar a Frawd!!! That's what U ar!!!

      "A citizen and a stranger," echoed the voice. "What are you doing in here, anyway? Orderly, bring that man in here till I see him."

      "Don't risk more'n a dollar," begged Si as a final appeal.

      "'Yes,' says I; 'I was born that way.'


      "'We've jest went throo the gosh-almightiest campane that enny army ever done. It wuz rane and mud 48 ours outen the 24, with thunder and litenin' on the side. We got wettern Faro's hosts done chasin' the Jews throo 50 foot of Red See. But we diddent stop for that till we'd hussled old Bragg outen his works, and started him on the keen jump for Chattynoogy, to put the Cumberland Mountings betwixt us and him.'


      "I won't write you a word about Maria," said the youth, seeing his advantage, "onless you promise to send me a whole lot o' catridgesa hatful. Powder and lead costs a heap o' money. And so do caps."


      "Very good. I've brought some men to take them away. We need them very badly. Who are these men?"