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      Another swift push of two or three miles brought them toward the foot of Mission Ridge, and near the little, unpainted frame house which had once been the home of John Ross, the chief of the Cherokees.recited Monty Scruggs. "Gracious, I'm hit!"

      Only Si and Shorty, in dropping, had kept the lay of the ground in view, and without rising they deliberately aimed their pieces whither the volley had come and fired. A suppressed yell of pain came from the other side.

      "Wot's Odiam to you?It ?un't yours, it's mine, and if I d?an't care about the land, why[Pg 20] shud you go disgracing yourself and us all because of it?"

      Wonder was succeeded by wrathhow dare he be calm in the face of such terrible things? She tried to pull her hand out of his arm, but he held his elbow close to his side, and the little hand lay there like an imprisoned mouse."If the rebels shoot the bell, won't it make a noise that they kin hear clear back at Nashville?"


      "No need o' my goin' back with you," he ventured to suggest, speaking for the first time. "I might take the train goin' East, and git things in shape at Jeffersonville by the time you come.""Maybe I want more than a kiss."


      THE next morning the rebels were found to be gone from the position in front of the 200th Ind;, and after breakfast the regiment marched leisurely by a road around the dreaded abatis, to the ground which had been scarred and mangled by our terrible artillery fire.


      Tonight might be the nightbut it made no difference, not any longer."I see this when you teach me before," the Albert said in almost a disappointed tone.