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      Rose wondered uneasily what time it was. Surely it could not be very late, and yet the house was shut up and the windows dark.He looked at her white face.

      Bessie tinted the world for Robert like a sunrise. All through the day he carried memories of lightless woods, of fields hushed in the swale, of the smudge of her old purple cotton beside himof, perhaps, some dim divine moment when his hand had touched hers hanging at her side.Dr. Haenlingen looked up at her, the eyes ice-cold and direct. "What action I determine to take," she said, "will be my responsibility. Mine alone. I do not intend to discuss it, or to attempt to justify it, to you or to anyone."

      "I'm glad." He was no more than polite. There was no more in him, no emotion at all. He had reached a blank wall: there was no escape for him or for the Alberts. He could see nothing but pain ahead.

      The invitation had been given, and the choristers were crowding towards the door. Robert followed them mechanically. It was raining hard.

      "Don't come any further." He dide For His country


      Approaching the cleared space in the center of the valley, the regiment went into line in the brush and pushed through to the edge of the woods. The moment that it appeared in the fringe of brushwood a sharp volley came from the line of rebels in the brush along the opposite side of the clearing. Evidently they were not expecting an advance at that moment, for their firing was wild, and wounded but a few men.The local Tories would be glad enough of his support, for he was important, if not popular, in the neighbourhood, and had always been known as a man who took an intelligent interest in his country's affairs.


      But somehow found the subject more difficult to grapple than the fascinations of Amelia.


      She felt that he would comehe would return to her in the reaction that swung him from Rose. But would she be able to keep him? She did not feel so sure of thatfor that did not depend on her or on him, but on that mysterious force outside themselves with which they had both already struggled in vain.