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      When she came down the next morning she was conscious of a novel shyness as she shook hands with the marquis, who as usual, was waiting in the hall for her. He smiled at her in his grave way; then suddenly his dark eyes shone, for he noticed that she wore an orchid bloom which he had sent up to her room that morning.

      Mr. Howard, I think? he said.Lady Wyndover gazed at him with a certain doubt mixed with her awe and admiration.

      Left Belfayre? Well, where has she gone?

      If I ever doubted myself, I doubt no longer. I know, now that I am in danger of losing you, that I love you.He kissed her on the forehead with a brothers love, a strong mans reverence. She sighed. A faint sound came from a bank of ferns behind them. She turned her head listlessly.

      The doctor shook him off almost roughly.


      You can call it a picnic if you like, he said, and his voice was almost as soft and languid as when he was calling the game. You know what we have come for.



      Yes, she assented; and both of them thought of that other paradise into which the eating of the Tree of Knowledge had brought so much misery.