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      "No; I only care for landscape as a background for humanity. I want to paint genre pictures in water-colourwomen and childrenbeautiful women amidst beautiful surroundingspicturesque povertyinteresting bits of daily life. Mrs. Allingham is the ideal after which I strive, but I am only at the bottom of the ladder. It is a long climb to the top; but one does not mind that in a profession where labour is delight.""Who is Mr. Hulbert?"

      M. de Beaune was an excellent man, rather hasty-tempered, but generous, honourable, delighted with his daughter-in-law, and most kind and indulgent to her. He took the deepest interest in her health, her [195] dress, and her success in society, into which he constantly went, always insisting upon her accompanying him.

      NAPOLEON[Pg 260]

      "Because you are only too dutiful. Would you resist if I were to turn tyrant, I wonder?"

      Again the sudden flame crimsoned her face, that sensitive spiritual face which reflected every change of feeling.

      And then seeing that I did not go, that on wakening again from his dream I was still there, he fixed his eyes on me and caught sight of a medal that I wear.


      DresdenSt. PetersburgThe Empress Catherine II.OrloffPotemkinRussian hospitalityMagnificence of society at St. PetersburgMme. Le Brun is robbedSlanders against herThe Russian Imperial familyPopularity and success of Mme. Le BrunDeath of the Empress Catherine.


      The Italian Testament which she had been reading when he approached dropped at her feet, and stooping to pick it up Father Rodwell saw that it was open at the fourth chapter of St. John, the story of the woman of Samaria, the sinner with whom Christ talked at the well. A leaf from Shelley's grave lay upon the book, as if to mark where Isola had been reading, and Father Rodwell's quick glance saw that the page was blotted with tears.The liaisons of Mme. Tallien had nothing doubtful about them.