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      "'Them's our names and addresses,' says the brats, cool as cucumbers. Thought we ought to give 'em to you, so's you'd know where to find us, in case you wanted us in a hurry, say, at night.'

      letters and picture if you have them. Send them by express

      "But a girl 'ud be useful in the houseshe could help mother when she's older."

      "Well, for men workin' a dark-lantern job this is about the logiest crowd I ever struck," he said rather disgustedly. "An elephant'd have to step on 'em before they'd know he was around. They ain't hardly good fun."Of this, I am quite sure.

      Harry sprang to his feet, but his mother laid her hand on his arm.

      "For the angel of death spread his wings on the blast,


      "Why, this is from a woman," said Maria, "and she writes an awful bad, scratchy hand." Being a woman's letter she was bound to read it without loss of time, and she did so: