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      It was to no purpose that the monk requested, and then commanded, that he should be permitted to pursue his journey alone. Stephen insisted upon accompanying him out of Gloucestershire, and father John, to avoid contention, feigned to defer his departure; but when the tables were spread, and the domestics and vassals had sat down to the feast, Margaret, who had been seeking the monk about the castle, looked and looked again among them all, and at length had to weep over the certainty that she should never more behold her brother. Nor did she; for John Ball did not long survive his exile. On the second anniversary of the bondman's freedom, his own spirit was freed, and his body rested in the cemetery of the monastery of Cistercium, in Burgundy.

      I do not know whether you wish to talk to me about your mother, your rheumatism, your teapot, or your housekeeping, he remarked. I will talk about any you please, but one at a time.In another minute half the young men of the Fair were sitting on him, and everyone else was crowding round Backfield, thanking him, praising him, and shaking him by the hand. The women could hardly speak for gratitudehe became a hero in their eyes, a knight at arms.... "To think as how when all them young tellers up at the Fair wur no use, he[Pg 431] shud risk his life to save ushe's a pr?aper valiant man."

      Early the next year, Tilly married Realf of Grandturzel.Alice Jury said nothing, and Reuben began to feel vaguely uncomfortable. What queer eyes she had!they seemed to bore into him like nails. He suddenly rose to his feet.

      "F?ather," pleaded Robert, "you loved my mother."

      "Aye, aye," said Harvey; "four-and-twenty hours in this cold room, without meat or drink, will bring him to reason, I'll warrant you."When the last bondman was freed, John Ball, who had stood looking on with devouring eyes, knelt down, and raising up a cheek suffused with the crimson of high-wrought feeling, and eyes glistening and radiant, ejaculated, in a scarcely audible voice,


      "Thomas Calverley," replied John, "I believe you do love my sister, but I cannot force her inclinations;I will not even strive to bias her mind; there is a sympathy in hearts predestined to unite, which attracts them towards each other;if that secret sympathy exist not between you, ye are not destined to become as one."He compared his present feelings with the miserable humiliation he had endured in '65. Queer!that election seemed almost as real and vivid to him as this one, andhe did not know whyhe found himself feeling as if it were more important. His mind recaptured the details with startling clearnessthe crowd in the market-place, the fight with Coalbran, the sheep's entrails that were flung about ... and suddenly, sitting there in his arm-chair, he found himself muttering: "that hemmed g?ate!"


      The abbot turned pale with rage as he beheld the somewhat abashed Skipwith enter."I tell you, you're no wife of mine. I'm shut of youyou false, fair, lying, scarlet woman. You needn't cry and weep, nuthernone 'ull say as Ben Backfield wur a soft man fur woman's tears."


      "Know you any retainer of yours who could have written this?"