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      "No," protested Alf, "it ain't hurting me much now, and he's awful busy with other men, so we hadn't better interrupt him.""Two boys!not want two boys!Why, we want ten boys! if I cud have twenty, I shudn't grumble."

      And so they set outon a walk long enough to serve as an aboriginal Odyssey for the planet. The night-beasts, soft glowing circles of eyes and mouths which none of their race had ever seen before: the giant flesh-eating plants: the herd of bovine monsters which, confused, stampeded at them, shaking the ground with their tread and making the feathery trees shake as if there were a hurricane: all this might have made an epic, had there been anyone to record it. But Cadnan expected no more and no less: the world was strange. Any piece of it was as strange as any other.

      "Come, wake up, Pete," said Shorty, giving him a sharp shake. "Do as I tell you, and on the jump. The fight's over."

      "Now, Dr. Haenlingen" Rogier, Metals chairman and head of the meeting, began.

      "Hello, Alf," said Si delightedly. "I'm so glad to see you. I've bin huntin' everywhere for you. What's happened to you? Badly hurt?"

      "Sargint, see there, and there," shouted Alf Russell, as other companies of rebels came galloping through over the crest, while the first arrivals began throwing down the fences, preparatory to a charge.


      The struggle was terrible; it wore him out. He fought it desperatelyto neither side would he surrender an inch. Sometimes with Rose's arms about him, her soft cheek against his and her perfidy forgotten, he would be on the brink of giving her the pretty costly thing, whatever it was, that she wanted at the expense of Odiam. At others, out in his fields, or on the slope of Boarzellhalf wild, half tamedwith all those unconquered regions swelling above him, he would feel that he could almost gladly lose Rose altogether, if to keep her meant the sacrifice of one jot of his ambition, one tittle of his hope. Then he would go home, and find her ogling Handshut through the window, or giving tea in her most seductive manner to some young idiot with clean handsand round would go the wheel againround and round....


      "Well, as boys, as sons, not as farm-servants."


      The masters were all around them."Lookee, I'll carry youyou mustn't git wet."